The Best Baby Cribs on the Market – Tips For Buying Infant Beds

There are dozens of options for finding the best baby cribs on the market. If you are new parents, the piece of furniture in the nursery that is most important to you is probably the crib. Decide on a price range and a list of features that you want in the infant crib. Then review the other characteristics that are important for the safety of your baby. You will need to keep in mind personal preferences as well as government regulations.

You will need to make certain that your crib is assembled correctly to avoid product safety issues. It’s better to purchase a new crib if it is possible for you. The new cribs are produced in accordance with the latest government standards. If you buy a used or second-hand crib, you could be putting your baby in danger by the use of cribs that don’t reflect the most current safety standards.

babyStay focused to look out for product recalls, regardless of the type and model of crib that you choose. Some crib features that are the source of safety issues are the width of spaces between the crib slats and the height of any corner posts. The mattress should be firm and it should fit snugly into baby’s crib.

The Best Baby Crib Features You Should Seek

Avoid missing or broken hardware anywhere on parts of the crib. Don’t purchase cribs with cutouts usable at headboard or footboard. Avoid overly fussy designs on head or footboard as baby clothing can be hooked into the opening causing strangulation. New standards in side panels recommend that you use a stationary side unit. Other types of cribs are double-drop sides, single-drop and a drop-gate crib. Although drop gate cribs are convenient, they also create a safety hazard and are not currently recommended.

A foot bar, a knee-push bar, and a double trigger operate drop sides. This type of drop side is dangerous for older children. The horizontal bar can be used to help mobile children climb out of the area. Safety features are an important part of the best baby cribs available.The best baby crib features in existence today are so different from when I was a kid. Technology has advanced so much when it comes to babies. Today, we have it a little easier and I suppose that’s a good thing for you and your baby.

Smart Parenting – Buying the Right Baby Crib

baby-childBaby cribs used to just slide up and down, and be configured in a square shape with a thick hard mattress. Now the best baby crib features are so different. These days baby crib rails glide down without the hassle of a foot bar to push in. Now you bump them with your hip and down they go. Cribs also come in different styles and shapes. You can get baby bed features just like those you might find in a regular bed for an adult. They come in sleigh beds and day beds, for example. But not only that, they also come with the flexibility of being converted from crib to toddler bed, to a full bed for a teenager.

Baby Crib features include tiltable the mattress, convertibility, and easy sliding rails for access into the crib without bending over the bar. Some cribs also come on wheels to make them easier to move around a room or your home. Further, some baby cribs come with extra features such as collapsable frames for easy transporting. But does that really sound safe to you? Do your homework on this idea before proceeding.

Manufacturers also make round cribs. This feature is good for any style nursery because it allows the baby to be safe in the middle without worrying about the baby being trapped between the bars or rails. Baby beds should also be very safe and there are a few things you should investigate before buying. One thing is that you should make sure the crib is tight fitting and there are no slats or rails by the babies head. And make sure that the crib is certified with The Consumer Product Safety Commission.